02 Jun - 17 Jun

NORMAL SPECIALS - Thursdays Buy-1-get-1-free @ R200 and Sundays R130, pensioners 50% off and kids U12 FREE

From dingy nightspots to glorious arenas and from garages to stadia, these SUPER BANDS became larger than their dreams of stardom and larger than life itself. Fame and wealth allowed them to enjoy the sweeter pleasures in life such as Boeings, Mansions and Rolls Royces. They travelled the globe, packed out stadia, caused havoc and created frenzied fans and with their enormous profiles, made sure that their iconic status in the music world is guaranteed.

SUPER BANDS is a phenomenal and high powered show which pays tribute to bands such as Supertramp, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Dire Straits, Jefferson Airplane, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Foreigner, Queen, The Beatles, Eagles, U2 and AC/DC to name just a few. Between them, they sold millions of albums and concert tickets and brought us some of the biggest and most unforgettable hits which are etched in our memories forever.

Hits such as like Every Breath You Take, Thunderstruck, Shook Me All Night, Another Brick in the Wall, I Want To Break Free, The Logical Song, Whole Lotta Love, I Wanna Know What Love Is, We Built This City, Anyway You Want It, Don’t Stop Believing, Oh Sherrie, Adventure Of a Lifetime and Waiting For a Girl Like You, says it all!

Join us on an unforgettable journey as we tell and showcase the rags to riches stories of these incredible bands. SUPER BANDS is guaranteed to get you up dancing and rock ‘n rolling like never before!

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Saturday 02 June @ 20:30

Sunday 03 June @ 14:00
R130 (Kids U12 Free!) (Pensioners 50% Off!)

Thursday 07 June @ 20:30
R200 Buy one get one free

Friday 08 June @ 20:30

Saturday 09 June @ 20:30

Sunday 10 June @ 14:00
R130 (Kids U12 Free!) (Pensioners 50% Off!)

Thursday 14 June @ 20:30
R200 Buy one get one free

Friday 15 June @ 20:30

Saturday 16 June @ 20:30

Sunday 17 June @ 14:00
R130 (Kids U12 Free!) (Pensioners 50% Off!)

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Rockwood Theatre

Parkview Shopping Centre
Moreleta Park
Pretoria East
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Tom Muller