The Rockwood Theatre offers a fun and affordable means to raise funds
for your organisation, cause, or even school tours.

We sell our show tickets to you at a discounted rate and you re-sell them at the full public price (or more), thereby making a profit on every ticket sold.

Book a full-venue or mini fundraiser (minimum 50 tickets) and make huge profits!

We offer you the following support to help make your event a success:
Our fundraising coordinators offer expert advice on how to maximise your success.

Mini fundraiser benefits (minimum of 50 seats)

You can always acquire extra tickets from us should your initial ticket sales exceed expectation. Organise raffles to generate extra funds from your event.

Full venue benefits (568-seater)

You can have both raffles and auctions. Auctions are a hugely successful way to raise extra funds before or after the show. You are welcome to make speeches and start the show at your convenienceā€¦ the venue is yours exclusively! With a full venue fundraiser, you make the most money per ticket sold.
With a full venue, you make the most money per ticket sold.

General Information / Bookings
Pre-order food and drinks


Marketing Manager
Mienkie de Kock

Rockwood Theatre

c/o Garsfontein Road & Netcare Street

Whatsapp Booking Line
Weekdays from 8am-5pm

Corporate functions / Fundraisers /
Venue hire and conferencing:


Theatre owner:
Tom Muller

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