The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Rockwood Theatre)
07 Apr - 14 Apr

On Cue Theatre and Rockwood Theatre takes delight in presenting:

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A Panto-Crime for the whole family.

Our hero Sherlock Holmes is a famous and brilliant detective who helps the Police to solve, unsolvable Crimes. With the help of his best Friend Doctor Watson, our hero must help recover Queen Victoria’s priceless diamond ‘The star of Africa’ which has been stolen.

Our Hero along with beautiful Opera singer Irene Adler who helps Sherlock save the day, set out to solve the crime and romance is in the air.

Who can be behind the stolen diamond? Is it the can it be the The Joker, or is it Count Dracula form Transylvania and his best friend the Mummy? Or perhaps it’sThe hilarious Mother Goose, with her crazy Little Chicken? Could it be the Easter bunny? Is it those strange Dinosaurs? The T-rex, or Tracy Triceratops? Maybe…?

We are not going to give away the plot!

In true On Cue Theatre style, this will be a rip roaring adventure with loads of surprises along the way. Special guest appearances will have the audience cheering in delight and who will rock the house.

Fantastic costumes, brilliant music and loads of humour,

but above all, it will be fun, fun, fun all the way!

You can join in with delightful audience participation, as there is never a dull moment

There is something for everyone, young and old. The most fun you can have as a family outing! Bring your aunty, uncles, Granny, Grandpa, bring whoever you want, just don’t miss out on seeing this gem of a show!

(Suitable for children 4 years and up)

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Saturday 07 April @ 11:00

Saturday 14 April @ 11:00

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