Nothing but 90's
01 May - 07 Jun

The 1990’s will always be remembered as the most diverse decade in music history. Our brand new production, Nothing but 90’s, is a celebration of this decade which was filled with a variety of pop, rock, alternative, hip-hop and a collection of one-hit wonders!

Featuring an 8-piece cast of singers, dancers and musicians, Nothing but 90’s is a blast from the past as never seen on a Rockwood stage! We saw the rise of new bands such as Roxette and Boyz2Men, coupled with the emergence of timeless divas Mariah Carey and Celine Dion and new male rockers, including Robbie Williams and Ricky Martin, all dominating the 90’s pop charts.

The 90’s was definitely the decade of One Hit Wonders as well. Dance classics like Rhythm Is A Dancer, Moving On Up, Ice Ice Baby, Can’t Touch This, Mambo No 5 and Macarena, all still have their place on dance floors to this day. The 90’s decade also allowed South African music to now take to the world stage with Johnny Clegg’s Spirit Of The Great Heart and Mango Groove’s Special Star amongst so many more. These hit soundtracks all contributed to the birth of a new South Africa.

The 90’s had some of the most diverse and unforgettable music and so this show is guaranteed to be an awesome night out...bringing back those wonderful youthful memories, songs and parties.

So don’t miss out on this ultimate 90’s party!


Rockwood Theatre reserves the right to change artists and songs without prior notice