That 80s Show (Sibaya Casino)
05 Sep

12 Apr - 24 Jun

That 80s Show will transport you back to a time when synthesizer music, energetic anthems and incredible voices rocked our world.This was the decade of big hair, shoulder pads, ripped jeans, mullets, neon clothing, Reaganomics and Pac-Man. More importantly, it also saw the emergence of music channels such as MTV and VH1, which with their music videos, launched the careers of many iconic artists.The 80s produced arguably some of the greatest hits of all time and with music by Police, Duran Duran, Rick Springfield, Nick Kershaw, Blondie, Madonna, Bananarama, The Bangles, Human League, Yazoo, INXS, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson to name just a few, made sure that the 80s will be remembered for its big music. Strolling around with a Walkman made sure they became the anthems of our daily lives!That 80s Show will rock you and blow you away with hits such as Hungry Like A Wolf, Man In The Mirror, True Love, Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now, Heaven On Earth, Eternal Flame, Jessie’s Girl, Don’t Go, Cruel Summer, Call Me, In The Air Tonight, True Love and many, many more!So even if you were born way before or way after the 80s and never had the privilege to have lived the fashion and music of this phenomenal decade, we guarantee a thrilling experience for all!

This power house show features a rocking 10 piece cast where it’s all about the music.

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Rockwood Theatre at Sibaya
Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom

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