A Rocking World Tour - Sibaya
01 Oct - 15 Nov

The world is diverse and so is its music and this is exactly what A Rocking World Tour will showcase! The music may be unknown, something different, something new or something known, but it will definitely feed your passion for music. So let your guard down, throw away the mundane day to day routine of life and get to see how the world loves it music through its diversity, flavours, costumes, rhythm and beat. The ‘next bend’ may be on another continent!

The tour starts in Australasia where some great bands and singers took the world by storm AC/DC and Midnight Oil, and of course the irresistible Kylie Minogue to name a few showed that they may be far from the rest of the world – but they can rock down under!!

Spin the globe and stop on Asia – colorful and full of energy – their Bhangra and Bollywood sounds- are as unforgettable as the dancing and costumes

Without spinning, we move up the globe to Europe and party to Sweden’s Roxette and ABBA, Norway’s A-Ha,France’s Gipsey Kings and Daft Punk, Italy’s Eiffel 65, Spain’s Enrique Iglesius, and Germany’s Boney – M! Then off the mainland to Britain to Celebrate the greatest rock band of all time – Led Zepplin!

Famed for the sultry sounds that combine latino and pop, Mexico’s Carlos Santana will get you in the mood before rocking to Bob Marley and his Jamaican jams.

Belly dancing and hips that don’t lie are all that Columbian pop princess Shikara will never be forgotten for as she warms you up for some salsa and sizzle from South America

Heading North to the land of the free and the home of the brave, the undisputed king of pop Michael Jackson was as American as the star spangled banner – he will share the stage with Katy Perry and Miley Cyris before we head home to the sounds of Freshly Ground, Brenda Fassie, Mondoza and PJ Powers

A Rocking World Tour !