A Rocking World Tour - New Years Eve Party!
31 Dec

Guests will receive a welcome drink, snacks at their seats, a photo area with fun dress up regalia and an extra show set from midnight to 1am! Always sold out, so book early!

The world is diverse and so is its music and this is exactly what A Rocking World Tour will showcase! The music may be unknown, something different, something new or something known, but it will definitely feed your passion for music. So let your guard down, throw away the mundane day to day routine of life and get to see how the world loves its music through its diversity, flavours, costumes, rhythm and beat. The “next bend” may be another continent! 

The tour starts in Australasia where some great bands and singers took the world by storm. INXS, AC/DC, Men at Work and Crowded House to name a few, showed that they may be far from the rest of the world, but they can rock Down Under!

Spin the globe and stop on Africa. Here you can enjoy the unique sounds of a continent where mankind was born. Magnificent in beauty, diverse in culture but united in the love of music, our homebred stars like Johnny Clegg, Brenda Fassie, Freshly Ground and Johannes Kerkorrel portray exactly this. Not only local talent showcased our music, but some of the world’s biggest stars such as Paul Simon and Toto also took inspiration from Africa and produced some iconic hits.

Without spinning, we move up the globe to Europe and party to Sweden’s Roxette, Holland’s sax  Ace Candy Dulfar, Norway’s A-Ha, Greece’s Vangelis,  Spain’s Enrique Iglesius and the Gypsy Kings, France’s Daft Punk, Italy’s Andrea Bocelli and Eiffel 65. Then off the mainland to Britain and the newer sound of Her Majesty’s artists like George Michael, Ed Sheeran, Adele and the Northern Sounds of Scotland’s Proclaimers. The European tour continues south to Ireland where we celebrate Sinead O’Conner, dance to Lord of the Dance and sing with Ireland’s greatest Boybands before heading even further south to Wales. Famed for the most beautiful voices on the British Isles and where the valleys inspired Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey and bright young stars like Catherine Jenkins.

Further west and over the Atlantic to Canada’s Justin Bieber and Brian Adams before we head down to the Land of Rock ‘n Roll, The USA, home of the brave and free. Let us surprise you with who we feature from the USA before a quick stopover in Mexico and party to the smooth Latino sounds of Carlos Santana. We sadly end our world tour in South America to the sultry sounds of Shakira but not before we swoop through the Caribbean and Jamaica’s Bob Marley and Barbados’ Rihanna, but be assured, it will end with a bang! 

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